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At Blythe Paperless, we deliver positive professional services to our clients with proactive solutions. We create value by increasing the credibility of your financial reporting, by introducing strategies to reduce the tax you pay and by providing solutions to move your entity's financial management to the next level. We are not finished until our solutions deliver positive value.

We know how to listen to you. As you share your concerns we us, we customize solutions that develop trust - an essential ingredient in any business relationship. We at Blythe Paperless are personally committed to delivering results that work for you.

Our paperless approach includes consultants who know the fine points and issues that drive your industry, the tax code, and how it applies to you. We keep current on information technology and solutions for your specific business needs. We use technology to work efficiently and to help you do the same. This is the type of expertise we nurture to grow solutions for you.

Blythe Paperless is known for its integrity. Our standard is to know right from wrong, and do the right thing. Clients can trust our advice and rely on us to do what's right and help them manage their businesses responsibly.

At Blythe Paperless, we draw on our experience with hundreds of clients in the greater Kansas City area to forge solutions to fit their needs. Our successful client base, along with our combined experience and skills, assures you of scarce professional resources at a competitive price that you will not easily find in other local firms.

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